Tina Cake Line is the name used by Céline Talens and Katinka de Jonge to describe their collaborative performance practice, which encompasses live art, participatory, site-specific interventions and a range of other actions.

Tina Cake Line drama

Céline Talens has a BA in Cultural Science (Radboud University, NL) and a MA in Film and Theater studies (University of Antwerp, BE). Katinka de Jonge graduated from Sint Lucas in Antwerp (MFA, BE) and the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam (MFA, NL).

Since 2011, Talens and de Jonge have collaborated on a range of performances and interventions in Belgium, the Netherlands and Finland. Their practice draws on a broad-based research methodology to question the underlying organisational structures, principles of authority and power relations in everyday situations. Using scripted and improvised performance structures, Tina Cake Line plays with the symbols and conventions of authority with a subversive humour and logic.


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